Web Fonts – How to Use Them for Best Results

Web Fonts – How to Use Them for Best Results

Selection of web fonts can greatly influence the tone and personality of a quality small business website. In fact, I think that it is one of the most important factors that need to be considered while selecting a free custom web design. Here are some things to consider about web fonts:


The relative sizes of the text body and heading have a big influence on the look and feel of the page. Size is the most important tool to give hierarchy to your content. Your small business web design can attain an elegant and traditional look by keeping the font sizes of various levels closer to each other. For a modern look, you will have to increase the difference in font sizes at various levels.

Letter spacing

Improvement in appearance of a word by adjusting letter spacing is called kerning. While kerning is impractical in text body, it can give great results when used for logos or headings. Letter spacing can be an effective tool to emphasize a heading while giving a balanced look to the overall page. Large letter spacing is particularly suitable for short headings.

Line spacing

Optimum line spacing is importance for legibility. An easy way of selecting line height value is to base it on line length. Longer lines need more space for legibility. Typically, in most browsers the default line height is 1.2. Usually this is not sufficient for clarity of text on screen. My suggestion is that you increase the value to 1.4 or 1.6.


You can emphasize your text in a number of ways. Use of a bolder face compared to the rest of the text is the most common and effective way of emphasizing your text. Italics is one more option, but it may affect legibility on low resolution monitors. According to web conventions, underline is used to indicate a link rather than for emphases. Colors are also usually used to point out links and using them for emphasis may be tricky. Use of full or small caps to emphasize text passages is not a good idea, as it can severely reduce legibility and is considered rude.


Margins can change the overall feel of your webpage. While large margins provide a free and open feel, the tighter ones have an intimate and fine aesthetic. As a general rule, especially for long passages, always align your text to the left. This makes it easier for readers to move from one line to next in a smooth flow.

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